Water Treatment

Your trusted partner for system reliability and efficiency

Proper water treatment is an essential component of any industry or municipality’s operations. Northstar Chemical employs an engineering approach focused on the mechanical, operational, and chemical aspects of each system we manage. This ensures the lowest consumption of utilities and chemicals with the optimum program results.

Regular, technical service with testing and consulting to ensure the current program is managing all aspects of water treatment successfully.

Troubleshooting to identify system problems and make recommendations to ensure the proper solution is implemented.

Benefits of working with Northstar

Increased efficiency and lower costs

Access to our cross-industry expertise in program optimization

Troubleshooting to identify system problems, which often comprise chemical, operational and mechanical areas

Peace of mind

Northstar Chemical offers a full suite of chemicals, equipment, and services to manage four key dimensions of cooling tower efficiency and performance:

  • Mineral scale
  • Corrosion
  • Fouling
  • Microbiological growth

We also assess the performance of key equipment such as pumps and controllers. Northstar’s engineering-based approach ensures that the HVAC cooling process operates effectively while optimizing:

  • Water consumption
  • Electrical use
  • Chemical costs

Additionally, Northstar’s team of chemical and mechanical engineers are available to troubleshoot and problem-solve as part of our standard service.

Our programs for steam boilers address key performance inhibitors including:

  • Mineral scaling
  • Corrosion
  • Fouling

Northstar’s expertise extends to a full range of equipment:

  • Water Softeners, Multimedia Filters, Carbon Filters, Reverse Osmosis, and more
  • Deaeration
  • Boilers, Heat Exchangers, and Heat Recovery Systems
  • Condensate Recovery and Treatment Systems

Northstar representatives are experts in optimizing and troubleshooting end-to-end steam boiler systems. We’ll get to the bottom of a problem, whether it’s mechanical, operational or chemical – and provide a clear path to resolution.

Northstar serves two broad markets with our wastewater solutions:

  • Municipal: Our coagulant, flocculant and dewatering solutions help municipal treatment plants to operate safely and cost-effectively
  • Industrial: Within the wide range of industrial wastewater treatment environments, Northstar is familiar with the different technologies used for liquid/solids separation. We offer a full complement of coagulants, flocculants, and filter aids with the expertise to make sure they work

Across both markets NCI offers the resources and expertise to ensure your system performance is optimal and safe.

Northstar Chemical helps companies safely process potable water with a suite of products, all certified by the National Science Foundation (NSF). Here, the emphasis is on coagulants, and we offer a large family of:

  • Organic coagulants
  • Inorganic coagulants
  • Multiple organic/inorganic blends

Northstar works with customers consultatively, to determine the solution that is precisely correct. We also provide filtration aid chemistry and a variety of service solutions.

Northstar Chemical provides solutions to keep membranes free of scale, microbiological growth, and foulants while meeting or exceeding the purity your operations require. We have a full range of coagulants, biocides, and antiscalants as well as feed and control equipment.

Northstar Chemical streamlines the deployment of water treatment chemicals in two innovative ways:

  • NorthSafe: This safe, hands-free delivery program transfers chemical product directly into a stainless steel tank system, minimizing the risk of exposure, spills, leaks, or container damage. It eliminates drum disposal costs and provides a professional, high-tech alternative to drums and totes.

    The stainless steel NorthSafe tank is filled using Northstar’s proprietary pump system, reducing inventory requirements. It is fully contained, with a level gauge that monitors gallons of inventory and can be used to determine usage and feed rate. Telemetry monitoring is also available.

  • TraceStar: Northstar Chemical ensures that the correct amount of chemical is fed into the system with with TraceStar, a fluorescence-based monitoring and control system.

    The TraceStar controller monitors fluorescence to determine chemical parts per million (PPM), automatically activating the pump in order to maintain the exact concentration of actives needed to fully protect your system.

Both NorthSafe and TraceStar are available to all Northstar water treatment customers.

  • Cooling towers
  • Steam boilers
  • Waste water
  • Potable Water
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Innovations

Contact us today to learn how Northstar can meet your chemical and water treatment needs.