Why Northstar

Built on people, passion, and expertise

Our Purpose

Serving to make a valuable difference in the lives of our employees, customers, community and environment.

Easy to work with

Northstar is easy to do business with because we are innovative, flexible and responsive. We’re not a huge corporation with multiple layers of management. We keep things simple, and everyone – from our drivers to Northstar’s Board of Directors – has the experience and confidence to make wise and timely decisions.

Long-lasting relationships

Employees are paramount to our ability to deliver outstanding service. To keep them, Northstar has created a work environment that is family-oriented, rewarding and, dare we say, fun. As a result, many customers have enjoyed their relationships with Northstar employees for 10 or 12 years, and even more.

One-stop shopping and service

Our customers know they can rely on Northstar Chemical. We are a one-stop shop for the critical chemicals and water treatment services that are integral to daily operations. We take care of our customers’ boilers, cooling towers, waste water systems and process chemicals, smoothly and efficiently.

Going the extra mile

When issues or questions arise, Northstar is there to help. We will always go the extra mile to:

  • Make deliveries on short notice
  • Offer in-depth, consultative assistance (from our sales team and on-staff chemical engineering team)
  • Troubleshoot and advise on water treatment equipment and operations
  • Provide loaner tanks, free of charge, when necessary
  • Do “whatever it takes” to solve a problem or meet a customer requirement

Contact us today to learn how Northstar can meet your chemical and water treatment needs.