Safety & Experience

Protecting our customers, employees, community and the planet

For nearly two decades, Northstar Chemical has made safety our first priority. It is the basis of our culture, operations and customer relationships.

Northstar demonstrates our commitment by following all pertinent safety regulations we are subject to — OSHA, DOT, FDA, and federal and state requirements — in numerous ways:


In our business, the first line of defense is commitment to well-designed, consistent training of our employees. Northstar additionally offers training services to all of our customers. We work with local safety authorities to improve their knowledge of, and responses to, our products.


Northstar has established all aspects of of our operations, on and off-site, with the safest procedures, equipment and tools. We are committed to ensuring the proper storage, handling and transfer of the products we distribute.


Drivers play an essential role in making sure our customers and their employees receive product safely. Northstar’s drivers’ average tenure with our company is 15.3 years. Drivers participate in monthly safety training to refine best practices and learn any new safety information or regulations.

Maintaining an exemplary safety track record

Northstar’s Oregon Department of Transit (DOT) record is excellent. Our company’s Experience Modification Rating (EMR), a key indicator of worker safety, is extremely low at 0.68.

Acting in an environmentally sustainable way

In addition to rigorously following all US EnvironmentalProtection Agency (EPA) regulations, we work with our customers to reduce their chemical footprint through solutions like Northstar’s mini-bulk service.

Our vigilance in adhering to a strong safety and environmental framework has resulted in zero chemical release incidents, and a dramatic reduction in our customers’ use of chemical packaging.


Environmental responsibility


Northstar Chemical, Inc. is committed to environmental sustainability and stewardship of our corporate activities. We believe that sustainability occurs when communities, corporations, and countries work together to balance their efforts with the needs for economic growth, social development, and environmental viability.

Our sustainable growth focuses on offering solutions that can ensure the safe, clean, and efficient use of our products and services. We strive to utilize technology, ingenuity, and process innovation to enhance the sustainability and livability for current and future generations. Northstar Chemical engages in an active dialogue with our employees, customers, suppliers, and community to continuously look for new ways to make a difference in the betterment and longevity of our planet.

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