Mini Bulk

Safe, efficient, uninterrupted service from the west coast leader

Maintaining a steady supply of critical chemicals is easy with Northstar Chemical’s convenient mini-bulk service. This delivery system gives you and your employees safe handling and storage of the chemical products we sell.

Through our tank loan program, Northstar provides a cost effective method for chemical storage, eliminating the handling and exposure concerns associated with drum and tote programs.

How it works

Through Northstar’s delivery system, chemical products are deposited directly into tanks on customer premises, eliminating the safety issues and employee exposure associated with handling corrosive materials. Drum deposit, rinsing, and disposal are also eliminated, minimizing environmental impact, freeing up floor space, and reducing operational expenses.

Northstar’s mini-bulk service provides:

  • Properly sized, custom storage tank(s)
  • Spill control containment
  • Electronic and manual inventory systems
  • Necessary valves and fitting for efficient product receipt and distribution
  • 24-hour lead-time delivery
  • Complete tank maintenance program


Safe, uninterrupted service from the industry’s mini-bulk leader

Improved employee safety through reduced exposure and handling

Smaller environmental footprint

Assurance that your chemical needs will be met on time and on target

Better cost performance through improved inventory control, product replenishment, and product usage

Peace of mind

Northstar telemetry services allow you to monitor chemical product volumes from any web browser. Our wireless, remote telemetry system tracks tank levels; consumption data is delivered through an easy-to-use dashboard that is useful for day-to-day production. The system can produce reports for deeper analysis of product use and inventory control.

Employee safety and efficiency improves with telemetry, too; tank levels can be checked quickly from any computer or mobile device, without direct inspection of tank gauges. Northstar’s telemetry system can send alerts when volumes run low, to ensure that production never stops due to low chemical inventory.

Is your business expanding or moving to a new location, or looking to improve floor space efficiency? Has an accident damaged an on-site tank? Do you want to improve employee safety and morale by eliminating drum and tote handling?

Northstar’s tank loan program can help. This free service is available to all Northstar customers. It includes:

  • Tank sizing and specification
  • Properly placed and plumbed
  • Inventory control systems
  • Routine Inspection of the tank system and integrity
  • All deliveries are performed by a trained and experienced Northstar driver
  • Complete replacement of tank system, if ever needed, at no additional customer expense

Northstar’s expertise and solution set extend to the full range of equipment, such as pretreatment (water softeners, dealkalyzers, and reverse osmosis) deaeration, all types of steam systems, and more. We have strong expertise in optimizing and troubleshooting end-to-end steam boiler systems. We’ll get to the bottom of a problem, whether it’s mechanical or chemical, and provide a clear path to resolution.

  • Telemetry
  • Loan Tank

Contact us today to learn how Northstar can meet your chemical and water treatment needs.